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30 May 2008 @ 03:59 pm
Checkpoint for security?  
So, last week I was staying in El-Jeeb, my friend's uncle lives there, it's a little country side region. It's close to Ramallah, which is where the Palestinian Authority is based, and close to Bir Zeit University, the best known Palestinian university. In order to get to El Jeeb, you first fly into Tel Aviv, take a taxi to Jerusalem, then take another taxi to Ramallah, but you have to go through a check point, however my experience was that nothing was checked to get into the West Bank. You eventually reach Ramallah. After getting off there you have to take another taxi, and you have to either drive yourself or take a taxi, no walking, to El Jeeb, because there is a check point there. But the security part is only for going toward El Jeeb, Bir Nabaalaa and one other Palestinian village, I can't recall the name. When you come back toward Ramallah, which is how you would have to go if you wanted to go to Israel, they just have this cement block on the road so that you have to slow down, pull over the side of the road and drive around it, but no one checking you, your car, your belongings or anything.

How is this for Israel's security?
Current Location: Ramallah, El Jeeb